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Originally Posted by mklasson View Post
Ah, gcc doesn't like
found_factor( mpz_class( trial_primes[j] ), factors );
Try changing it to
mpz_class tmp( trial_primes[j] );
found_factor( tmp, factors );
for now...
That worked, thanks. I also needed to change the run_yafu function slightly to put " " around the command, because linux needs them. Windows is indifferent to the quotes, so they might as well be in there all the time.

I've attached the modified .cc file.

Originally Posted by mklasson View Post
Sorry for spamming this thread btw.
Agreed, mods feel free to move this stuff where appropriate... including maybe the stuff below into the yafu thread.

Originally Posted by mklasson View Post
EDIT: btw, just noticed something odd about yafu:
>yafu siqs(rho(1813647130602161341))
finds the factors and prints them to the screen (after a second "***factors found***"), but not to factor.log.
This should be simple to fix, thanks.

- ben
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