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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
2º have the ability to queue up jobs
3º save it's progress on an output file
I have added the workfile and checkpoint features in version 1.0.7, and have also added default names for the input and factors file, so now if you start it without specifying the -p -P -i or -f flags you get this behaviour:

Input sieve read from `sieve.txt'
Factors written to `factors.txt'
Checkpoints written to `checkpoint.txt'
Ranges read from `work.txt'

work.txt is the same format as sr5sieve, one range in billions per line, e.g.:

To run multiple gcwsieve processes you will either need to create a seperate directory for each process, or else specify the file names using the command line switches.

Carlos: I have made the SSE2 a little (4%) faster on my Northwood P4, can you check whether it is still slower than version 1.0.4 on your AMD64? If it is still slower then I will add the 1.0.4 code to the AMD build in the next version.
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