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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
The segmentation fault is of interest - do you know why it crashed? Was it communicating with the server? Firing up the next item in worktodo.txt?

The missed factor happens occasionally. It was missed quite a while ago. It might be a hardware error on the factoring machine or maybe a software problem - we'd have to rerun trial factoring from 2^63 to 2^64. Any volunteers?
My impression at the time was that it crashed when trying to send the result in. The prime.spl entry had been created already but the worktodo.txt entry not yet removed (or the new version not yet written to disk). When restarted, mprime would start the same exponent again. My original post with more log detail is here.

As for the missed factor, the worktodo.txt line was inserted manually. The TF limit was simply too high, it should have been 63. The factor has been reported properly, and a TF-63-64 verification run was done as well already (which found the factor).
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