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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
I find it implausible that the system runs every other stress test for hours and even runs P95 for ~47 minutes with zero errors and then all of a sudden has two cores that error out within seconds of each other. While it may be possible, it's highly unlikely. In the past I have used P95 on quad core CPUs and it's been flawless, but I'm wondering if it has an issue with 8-core CPUs?
IIRC, Prime95 has been run on 32- (and possibly 48- ) core systems without any issues. Note that Prime95 is an incredibly rigorous standard for stress testing (hence its popularity); many systems only ever achieve 98-99% stability (i.e. there is some test that fails, or the test fails after a long period of time).

What if you tried running a small LL test that only requires the 8K or 12K FFTs? See if you get ILLEGAL SUMOUT there, as well.
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