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Default Which are the "worst" drivers?

So I'm sure we've all read Clifford's analysis page.

(Btw, I've created a mirror of that page and his "From the Trenches" page so that we don't have to deal with the archive, and so that someone could edit it should they feel so inclined. Of course, if Clifford makes his own comeback, I'll take these down.)

Anyways, the analysis classifies the drivers by their characteristics, by how "stable" they are.

Of course, that doesn't take into account other factors, like how much a driver increases a sequence, or how rare getting a 127^2 is. So, since I am not an expert (or even half-competent) in these matters, I'm asking: Is it possible to create an ordered list of drivers from "worst to first"? Obviously the downdriver would be "first". I imagine 2^2 would be next, followed by 2^3, since they tend to drop a sequence, albeit slowly (and they're not very stable).
2^6 * 127 ??
(PS Are there any drivers which are missing from that table?)

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