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Default Google faster than 911

My husband works in a rather sizeable NOC. When he got home today he told me about some excitement that happened at work today. His boss got a phone call from a somewhat confused woman who was trying to call her doctor, but because her vision was blurred, she wasn't able to see the phone clearly and had misdialed. The NOC uses IRC for interoffice communications, so her phone being in use preventing her from dialing 911 without putting the woman on hold, the boss types out on IRC that she has a woman on the line with a medical emergency and would someone call 911. My husband called 911, and had a little difficulty with the the 911 operator giving him flack because they only had the woman's phone number from caller ID, and not her address. They get the boss's call with the woman conferenced with the 911 operator, but the woman is too confused to be able to give her address. So one of the other guys in the NOC IRC has the bright idea to put the phone number in Google and see if he gets a hit. He got a hit and IRC'd back to the boss to ask the woman if this was her name and address. She was apparently a nanny so it wasn't her name but she was able to confirm it was the right address. Paramedics arrived within six minutes of when the boss answered the phone (they have a timer display on their phones), and were able to get the woman to the emergency room on time (she'd had a seizure or stroke). While the little girl that the nanny was caring for was being looked after by a police officer, they were trying to find out who her parents were so they could be notified. Google to the rescue again. One of the guys in the NOC googled the name from the earlier hit and got a local hit at a local hospital (the same one the nanny was taken to, small world). He called the number and asked if the man lived at that address, and was able to tell him what had happened.

The nanny is now in intensive care, but expected to recover, and the terrified little girl was swiftly reuinited with her parents, all thanks to Google.
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