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Default v23.5 seems to have activated speedstepping in my notebook?!

Ok very strange indeed, but actually worked to my advantage :D . v23.5 seems to have activated speed stepping in my notebook .

Before v23.5 (according to cpuz and prime95) my P3-M(low power version) ran at 133x7.5=1000mhz all the time, idle or not. Now, after running v23.5 and v23.6 the cpu goes to 133x5.5=733mhz(ish) when the cpu is idle or not exceeding 80% cpu utilization(@733). But, when i kick up the load (like p95 or RTCW:ET) it bumps back to 1ghz.

Has anyone else experienced this type of strange energy saving event before :D ?

its not really 1ghz anymore :)
battery life has almost doubled(when not gaming) :D . I never thought that p95 could actually increase battery life.
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