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I was going to write that most of the time the e-values calculated by the two suites differ by less than 1%, and larger differences were actually because of bugs in Msieve that miscalculated the alpha value. But then to make sure I ran the best CADO polynomial through Msieve, and the difference in e-values was 4.78e-19 vs 3.493e-19!

For the record, the best polynomial I could find in the batch of 260k hits was
R0: -5876926706329267758590334567904669751467577
R1: 869332622169838859059
A0: 15018543190390770338953421520339801353757924940775872204660800
A1: 909208080136930262159142936022283921496280008021988680
A2: -13303473065609161166913597414184875440269406556
A3: -138145188131827120402436868843139274434
A4: 763752915545626483996372079531
A5: 4312543659621449260154
A6: 10000466830200
skew 133010468.05, size 3.823e-020, alpha -12.788, combined = 2.080e-019 rroots = 4

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