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Plus Official GIMPS 2019 fundraiser thread

GIMPS is a victim of its own success!! Due to the discovery of many more new Mersenne primes than expected GIMPS is in a bit of a cash crunch.

The GIMPS Board of Directors has decided to launch GIMPS' first concerted fundraising effort to raise $5000 this year to return us to a healthy cash balance. Your contributions will allow GIMPS to continue finding new record primes for years to come.

We need your help! Many thanks in advance for any donations you elect to contribute. For U.S. citizens, donations are tax deductible. Mersenne Research Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation.

There are multiple ways to donate:
  • You can write a check to Mersenne Research, Inc. and send it to:
    Ernst Mayer
    900 Reichert Ave, Unit 314
    Novato, CA 94945-3282
  • You can use the Paypal "widget" at
  • You can bypass Paypal fees using Paypal's "Send money to friends and family" to

I'll post progress to this thread as well as the web site.
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