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Hi everyone. The code base still hasn't evolved since then...

I dropped the ball participating in the NFS@Home grid management, grid programming or number post-processing about two years ago. The work for my day job, software for the TI graphing calculators (which brought me to the integer factoring scene through being the backup admin of RSALS while it served its original purpose), managing the NFS@Home 14e (mainly) and 15e queues, reading the daily news flow in CS and IT, and on top of that, improving+expanding the grid management software, was too much to handle.
It still is, despite cutting back on reading CS / IT news and working on software for the TI graphing calculator community.

However, the four tabs on NFS@Home's crunching and management pages have stayed pinned in my browser throughout these two years. I monitored the 14e queue's state on an irregular basis, but probably once a month on average. I fixed typos once or twice. I saw the queue run dry a number of times, and it was partially my fault, clearly

Today's peek at the queue, and especially numbers in SIEVING state, is what brought me back here. 37 numbers in SIEVING state, more than half of which aren't reserved, and ~470 GB of data in result files, is much more than the last time I had checked. Looks like I could, and I should, lend a hand to help deflate the queue to more manageable levels...

Working on a much improved queue management system which enables more user cooperation and spreads the work load still makes at least as much sense as it did two years ago.
As I wrote above, I successfully set up a testing system, which was a very important milestone, not necessarily because it was hard to do, but because it enables making forward progress on the work; now, this system needs to be put to good use. Nearly exclusively by someone who isn't me - that's been pretty clear for a while.
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