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As a consumer of the output, I would very much like to receive an email telling me which person has just completed post-processing on which number with what results.

Something I'd find very useful is concrete guidelines on the limits on composite size / SNFS difficulty for each queue and for setting sieving parameters for integers of specified GNFS or SNFS difficulty. If those guidelines can be made they could, presumably, be hardwired into a script which given N, "type={g,s}nfs" and a polynomial (which implicitly contains the difficulty) produces everything else required.
Both excellent ideas, I'll add them to the todo list
The todo list already contains an audit log, but no notification means, e-mail or otherwise.

Calling YAFU for finding SNFS polynomials, and performing trial sieving when requested, are already on the todo list, as lower-priority items. But the data model doesn't currently support multiple polynomials, everything is lumped into a single table whose tuples have many fields - splicing the table, using formal forms above 1, and joining are probably in order in the mid-term.

Do you have a Github account ?
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