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Originally Posted by debrouxl View Post
TL;DR: we're currently experiencing issues, we know we need to improve, and we need both a bit more design feedback, and some coding help to speed up the process. TIA

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, the 14e and 15e parts of the NFS@Home grid have been suffering from a series of client hunger episodes. That is a consequence of the growing pain of feeding the 15e and especially the 14e clients with relatively small tasks. It's a problem we need to solve, preferably in a durable manner - and possibly at a wider scale than NFS@Home
I'll see what I can do, though my time is limited at present, not least preparing for a 2-week vacation during which my availability will be even more limited.

As a part-time feeder of the 14e queue I'm in full agreement with your assessment of the difficulties involved in keeping it fed.

As a consumer of the output, I would very much like to receive an email telling me which person has just completed post-processing on which number with what results.

Something I'd find very useful is concrete guidelines on the limits on composite size / SNFS difficulty for each queue and for setting sieving parameters for integers of specified GNFS or SNFS difficulty. If those guidelines can be made they could, presumably, be hardwired into a script which given N, "type={g,s}nfs" and a polynomial (which implicitly contains the difficulty) produces everything else required.
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