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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
When done doing all searches, please send results files to me at gbarnes017 at gmail dot com.

Like some of the larger projects such as Riesel Sieve and Seventeen-or-Bust, we will probably need to do some double-checks on stubborn k's where a prime cannot be found up to a very large n. Both projects recently found huge primes on double-checks. Having the residues in the results files will help us identify if there are any patterns of problems in any searches.

In LLR, it's the lresults.txt file. In PFGW, it's the pfgw.out file.

Hi Gary,

All your coordination effort is really nice. I checked out the webpages, they are solid stuff. I just had one minor thought, is it possible to keep the headers of the table in view when scrolling down?

As for your request for the lresults file, well, I don't know. While technically correct this represents a lot more administration effort.
I run this stuff manually on a handfull of computers. I check the lresults file daily to check for progress and then empty the lresults file. So I don't have the lresults anymore.

Laters, Willem

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