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Default What happened to my stats?

I've been noticing something that I hope is just growing pains during the transition to the V5 server, but it appears to be getting worse to me. Back in the first part of October I was ranked at 30th place in the top producer's list. It may sound corny to some of you, but the pride I get from the competition is part of the reason I'm doing this. Anyway, on or about the 20th of October, the V4 server went down. I read there was a drive failure in a raid set or something of that matter. Regardless, I think Scott and George decided the time was ripe to move ahead to V5. I gave it a few days, created my V5 account, linked my V4 account and went to task at upgrading my near 100 systems that are running the software to 25.7. I watched the process as they showed up in my "CPUs" list and started getting assignments and returning work.

I used to take advantage of the lists and graphs that Team Prime Rib would parse out and post on their website:
and would check the graphs to see who was running slower than me, who was running faster, when I could expect to move up, and when I could expect to get passed.

Now, while I think I've got most if not all of my systems moved over and reporting to the V5 server, I watch the "Top Producers" list and see my rank starting not at the 30th place I was previously, but in 75th, and to make matters worse, I see that my rank is PLUMMETTING!. This morning I checked and found myself to be in 429th place.

Have I done something wrong on my end or is this just one of those things that need some time to get rinsed out?

All opinions and recommendations are welcome.
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