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Hey everyone,

I am searching for smaler projects in the science/prime area to participate.
Currently I am participating at primegrid and a private GFN13/14 server.

In the last couple of days I read a lot about the sieving process with the mtsieve framework etc. here in the forum.
I choose the Carol/Kynea primes because these a relatively small and fast to check and sieve. Setting up the MySQL and prpnet-server for multiple CPU-core workloads was no problem.

Now I experience a problem with the import of the ABC-file from cksieve into prpnet.

It does not seem to recognize the fileformat "ABC (130^$a$b)^2-2".
The server is set to Carol/Kynea primes via the servertype=32. I tried the fileformat "$a*<base>^$b$c" from the abcfileformat.txt but this also does not work.

Can anyone please explain what format type I have to set in the sieved file to be compatible with the prpnet import?

I know that I did no reserve any range to be sieved, for now this is just for testing and playing around. I will do a proper reservation once I figured all out.

Thanks in advance

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