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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
Without doing comparison tests, I still feel it is quicker to sieve using the appropriate switches of NewPGen or sr2sieve called from a loop in a batch file; I might be wrong.

There is a smarter way to get those "k"'s without a prime: break a loop if a PrP (or prime) is found; Check they are prime afterwards; List those "k"s that do not have a prime.

Ah, OK. You're talking about running batch processes in loops on these whereas I was "pigeon-holed" on manual running of PFGW and sieving.

You're right, to run billions/trillions of k's, we will definitely have to set up some sort of looping batch process.

I ran 5 million k's with 36 remaining at n=25K using the way I showed but it did require more manual intervention than I would have liked. I definitely wouldn't want to do it for billions of them. Those 36 k's remaining are listed on the Sierp base 3 reservations page.

I think base 3 will be fun for all of the programmers to automate the finding of primes, prp's, k's remaining, etc. out there. I'll leave it up to the programming gurus here to determine the quickest way to set up a batch process or something like that, although I may take a hack at it myself in the future.

Thanks for clarifying.


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