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Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
I've updated the Web page at ...I was seeing around 1M relations per day on 10,239+ ... I'm seeing around 600k relations per day on 12,227+.

Is there a planned number after 12,227+ ? 7,268+ and 6,298+ are the other two most-wanted, and small enough to be perhaps more suited for a well-equipped individual (Silverman, Sean Irvine, xilman, me ...) than for nfsnet.
Sam sounds impatient, and proposes the two you mention plus 2,271-
for NFSNET's next three. Last I heard, Richard and Greg were considering
adopting these.

On the update, the sizes of the factors found seems to me to be part of
our project (in addition to setting sieving benchmarks). The ecm test has
gone up since the two p54's. -Bruce
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