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Use CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to a text terminal. All of the tools you need will be there. Logs for Aptitude will be in the /var/logs/apt directory.

WRT the graphics, are you using Unity? If so, perhaps try 2D. You can select this at the login screen. We sometimes have big problems with Compiz (?) and 3D.

If you have an old PCI video card you could chuck that in there just to troubleshoot. We keep an old 3DFX Voodoo card around for such times.

FWIW, regarding Ubuntu updates, we feel no pressing need to do updates immediately. Maybe set them to manual and do them occasionally? (We think there is an option somewhere to disallow kernel upgrades?)

In a worst case scenario, you can boot single-user text-mode by editing the GRUB screen at boot initiation. (You can also boot a Ubuntu CD/USB key in "live" mode and mount your drive and look at it.)
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