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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
If we want to attract new personnel, I would suggest we take their hand a bit (at least give the possibility) and give some guiding on how to execute this work. For example, I prepared a small script for this thread:
. . .
We could add links to threads (e.g. EdH's) on how to set up and compile YAFU(2) and aliqueit.

As an aside, how do you pronounce aliqueit? Like ah-lee-kweet?
This could be a great idea, especially if we get anyone at that beginning of a level. I would hope the script wouldn't look too complicated to them. We can add this to the first post once we have a clear direction.

My pronunciation, which is actually rarely vocal, is more ah-leh-cue-it, but the ah still isn't quite right. I don't know the author's version.
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