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Originally Posted by ckdo View Post
- Will the "new" box be able to finish the "old" boxes' assignments (started and/or unstarted)?

- Should I start the unstarted assignments while they are still on the "old" box in order to prevent auto-de-reservation while the "new" boxes' speed hasn't settled?
Not necessary.

- Is it necessary (or recommended) to get the new box established with PrimeNet (i.e. achieve "trusted client version" status) before copying the assignments over?
No, just copy the directory and optionally change the computer name.

- Is there any other trickery necessary/recommended? (I do not want to take the FixedHardwareUID route this time.)
You might be able to merge CPUs and preserve your cat 0 status. I've never tried that as I like to keep the CPUs separate for historical reasons.
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