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Default Riesel primes for 300<k<1000

This thread is for all Riesel primes k*2^n-1 with k-values from 300 to 1000.

The old PrimeSearch page maintained by Michael Hartley was the project before NPLB proceeded this range of the search (old data of PrimeSearch seems not available anymore).

Here's the first attempt to include my data from into the Wiki.

As an example here is k=351.

Not yet all information from this forum are available yet, because there are several threads to combine the data.

For now:
- all current known primes are listed
- the current max n-range
- all Top5000 IDs with links

Pages for NPLB drives will follow later.
Included (the Riesel prime template has to be extended for this) the sieve file (from latest PrimeGrid files) for n=2M to 3M is included as zip-file.
Those can be included to all k-values if needed.

The table also contains now the link to the sieve file.
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