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All right, here we go.

Sieving the first stage is finished, and certainly our attention should be pointed at LLR and the remaining P-1 ranges to prepare it.

Nevertheless, the sieving part of the next stage is going to take a longer time (given the increased worth of every factor), and has already begun. I'm sieving right now the range 5M-25M, and the final number of tests to LLR will probably be around 28000. But, how will we proceed?

I suggest that I keep going, crunching what I can on one machine. This would have the advantage of minimising the risk of human error in the factor transmission.
Then, when LLR is approaching 4M, we could make the sieving public, and push it together a bit further, say up to 5G, for the whole range 5M-25M.
And finally, when LLR approaches 5M and we are going to actually need the numbers, we could split the range into slices of 1 M and sieve them as the need advances.

What do you think? Better ideas? Is there anything to poll?

Yours H.
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