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Okay. When running stage 2, you will save a lot of time if you first run with

-nps "stage2_norm=1e100"

so that only the size optimization runs for every hit. On my machine running the size optimization on the 250k hits I have took about 36 hours. Then sort the resulting .ms file in order of increasing score (which is the last field in each line) and just run msieve with -npr on the few lines in the .ms file that have the smallest score, perhaps only the 1000 best hits. The root sieve runs faster with a tight bound on the stage 2 norm, so try

-npr "stage2_norm=1e37"

or possibly smaller if that winds up taking too long. We've found that if you run all of stage 2 on every hit you spend the majority of the time running the root sieve on hits that will never generate very good polynomials, and the root sieve can take minutes for a single hit (where the size optimization takes half a second)
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