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If you started drawing 10 short lines/notches every second 24/7, it would take you well over 7 billion years to finish drawing 2^64 lines.
Light travels 0.3 Micrometers (1/1000 of a millimeter) in 1 femtosecond.
Light will travel more than 18446 Light-Years in 2^64 femtoseconds. This is more than 4000 times the distance to the closest stars to our sun.

ETA OTOH, If you could fold a piece of paper (in half) a mere 64 times it would have 2^64 layers. The Samurai-Swords (as well as the Chinese-Noodles) are folded about 50 times and stretched/flattened each time. This gives the sword an edge which is about one molecule thick.

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