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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
In French, it's very different.
It has nothing to do with whether a number is masculine or feminine. We say "la moitiƩ d'un nombre" (half of a number), because "moitiƩ" is feminine and "le double d'un nombre" (the double of a number), because "double" is masculine !
We understand better why automatic translation is so difficult !
I'm so glad English got rid of grammatical gender for those reasons.

Originally Posted by garambois View Post
I do this work with the python language !
I don't know how to work on numbers of several hundred thousand digits with the C language ?
But if any of you can do this, the program must be very easy to write.
And then maybe we will find suitable exponents for bases 3, 5 or 7.
(I also launched the execution of calculations for base 7.)
I went ahead and adapted aliqueit for this purpose. It's a simple C++/GMP program attached here. Compile it with:

g++ -O2 -o powerAbundance -lgmp -lgmpxx
(I can't remember if the gmpxx is strictly needed, but I used it.) Just pass it the base and the exponent range, along with an optional skip (i.e. interval) amount. On my Kubuntu Focus laptop, it validates the abundance of 30^55440 in just under 5 seconds and the deficiency of 30^161280 in a touch over a minute.
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