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Originally Posted by WraithX View Post
You should also know about the previous work that was done on this number. The last posted record is post #111 in the following thread:

In it you can see that I had finished:

Thanks for the status update! I had seen your 2014 status from but hadn't searched here.

Originally Posted by WraithX View Post
You need to make sure you have enough memory to run 7 (or more) jobs for stage-2 with B1=3e9, otherwise your stage-2 jobs will swap and slow down drastically.
Again thanks for the detailed report, why the "7 (or more)"?

Do you know of a write-up of the performance impact of using -maxmem? I did several searches but didn't find anything definitive (other than non-linear:

Originally Posted by WraithX View Post
You can find my script in the following thread (the most recent version will be towards the end of the thread):
I'm already using your wonderful script. I did have to make a couple of modifications to make it work with python3 (I'll try and post a patch later).

Since you seem to be actively working on this, what curves would be most useful for me to work on? I'm willing to spend a 1080 GPU-month + a couple core years with high memory.
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