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That's about right, but you need to split the save file to give each core running stage 2 separate lines from it.

Here's part of a script I use to run ECM to 35 digits. On this system I need 3 cores to run stage 2 as fast as the GPU does stage 1, you will probably need to change that.

function do_block
/home/chris/ecm.2741/trunk/ecm -gpu -save $ $B1 1 > $INI | tee -a $LOG
wait # for the last stage 2 to finish
grep -q 'Factor found' $LOG* # Check if we found a factor
if (($?==0));then exit 0;fi
rm $NAME.saveaa $NAME.saveab $NAME.saveac
split -nl/3 $ $
rm $
(nice -n 19 /home/chris/ecm.2741/trunk/ecm -resume $NAME.saveaa $B1;/home/chris/ecm-6.4.4/ecm -c 999 -idlecmd 'ps -ef | grep -q [-]save' -n  $B1 <$INI )  | tee -a $LOG.1 | grep [Ff]actor &
(nice -n 19 /home/chris/ecm.2741/trunk/ecm -resume $NAME.saveab $B1;/home/chris/ecm-6.4.4/ecm -c 999 -idlecmd 'ps -ef | grep -q [-]save' -n  $B1 <$INI )  | tee -a $LOG.2 | grep [Ff]actor &
(nice -n 19 /home/chris/ecm.2741/trunk/ecm -resume $NAME.saveac $B1;/home/chris/ecm-6.4.4/ecm -c 999 -idlecmd 'ps -ef | grep -q [-]save' -n  $B1 <$INI )  | tee -a $LOG.3 | grep [Ff]actor &
Note /home/chris/ecm.2741/trunk/ecm is compiled with GPU support, while /home/chris/ecm-6.4.4/ecm was compiled with -enable-shellcmd to make it accept -idlecmd.

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