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Default Distributing gpu-ecm curves to multiple cpu-workers

I'm taking a stab at ECM for a c251 (home prime 49 step 119) with t65.
it's been tested to 2*t60 so I'm starting at t65 (b1=850e6, b2=1.4e13, ~80k curves)

I have 2x1080ti and a 32 core machine (2x E5-2650 v2).
on cpu, stage 1 takes ~7200s/curve, stage 2 takes ~1800s/curve.
on gpu, stage 1 is much faster (10x? 20x?)

Ideally I would like to do a ton of stage 1 calculations on gpu and then distribute those to the cpus for stage 2.

Do I just pass `-save curves_<worker> <b1> 0` to the gpu worker then
`-resume curves_<worker> <b1> <b2>` to each cpu worker?
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