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Default Running fstrim on SSD while mprime is running might cause errors in mprime

I have good history with the system throwing the errors. After every output I get this: Hardware errors have occurred during the test! 1 Jacobi error.

This started after I ran fstrim on the file system that mprime and its files reside on, while it was running. Because of wear-leveling algorithms, SSDs have no way to tell natively which parts of the file system are no longer in use by the operating system, and vice versa.

Fstrim is a program that marks the reusable areas of a file system so the SSD firmware knows it can reuse them. I suspect there is a flaw somewhere in the fstrim>kernel>filesystem>mprime>filesystem chain such that fstrim marks parts of mprime's files as not in use when in fact this is an error.

Since the problem seems unique to mprime, it is possible it is using some old kernel calls that fail under certain more recently developed circumstances, or with less sophisticated file formats.

I am really not fit to troubleshoot this possibility. But I will say it is probably better to close mprime before running fstrim.
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