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Exponents which you have unreserved are no longer yours on PrimeNet. They can be assigned to someone else, and if they were originally assigned to you in the normal manner whereby PrimeNet chooses which work needs to be done as a priority then they may well have been reassigned almost as soon as you unreserved them. You can see if this has happened by going to

So, no, exponents are not reassigned to you just because you still have them in the worktodo.txt file. You can best remove the work which you unreserved from this file by deleting these lines before restarting mprime. (I understand that you had not started work on these exponents, so you are not losing any work here. And mprime, when you restart it, will reserve new work on PrimeNet as it requires it according to the preferences on your account.)

The two exponents which you left reserved can in theory be assigned to someone else if they are not being updated on PrimeNet after a period of 60 days. Again, the fact that they are in worktodo.txt will not make PrimeNet reassign them to you if this happens.

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