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Originally Posted by CRGreathouse View Post
Nice. You might add a total effective tax rate... and a marginal rate, if you're feeling particularly ambitious.

Is Basic Income derived from a similar simple formula?
in theory your income would be hourly rate * hours at least pretax ( or that's how my mind has for the basics (it's more complicated I know) it my job placement just gives me a constant amount per month as a training allowance regardless of hours worked) but for me on the system my assistance is related to the above and what I claim to get an initial check ( for example when I tried to go to school/a job placement I got to claim clothing on top of what I was getting, living with my sister at one point it was part of the electric bill I think and up to a certain amount of the rent etc.) minimum wage order ( a lot of exceptions etc) can be accessed at :

edit: if I expanded to other provinces I was thinking of have coloring based on minimum and maximum so people can figure out which province is best if they make between certain amounts. the marginal rates based on a quick google search would be the rates I used to calculate the sum wouldn't it? whereas the effective is just (income tax)/(total income) at least for people without capital gains wouldn't it ?

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