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Yes, I think this would be good. If you put it up on Google Sheets (without your income, of course, for privacy) you could even share it with us. No doubt you know more about the local tax code than we do.
my income is my check and $150 a month at my current ( looking to be former if I got my way) job placement. oh and every 3 months or so a GST and once a year pov reduction ( GST I have to claim on the forms I do for my check). edit: I was once told I should go into accounting because I liked math. taxation is mostly weighted sums from my perspective. I'll see what I can find on google sheets I guess. using the taxation shown I could try expanding it to other provinces in theory. Other than paying to have my taxes done I don't think I've ever actually had a year I had to pay a thing in taxes because I'm on income assistance.

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