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Memory requirement is likely 24GB for the system, as the process takes just under 20GB according to top.

Since only 80 or so workunits had been completed when we ran the job out of failed units, I decided to restart the job at Q=5.08M. I can just cat the relations from the first folder together with these when I send them to Greg.

When perusing the log, I noticed that every workunit included a mention of buckets full, so I added bkmult=1.12 in an effort to reduce the number of retried/recalculated Q values. This should result in a single-digit percentage speed gain, though memory use may be marginally higher (I'll edit this post once I find out).

CADO is generating free relations now, and will be ready to hand out workunits on port 44455 within ten minutes or so. This time, the port is specified, so the inevitable server-kicking won't potentially change the port.

Edit: WUs available. Memory use still 19.5GB according to top.

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