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I just don't care to work at my job placement anymore if the people they are supposed to be training think you are to slow they rush you etc. it just doesn't work for me. if they think you should be happy to get a training allowance they will mention that in an argument against you not wanting it ( only reason I needed it at all was to pay for the transportation to get there while not receiving my transportation cost on income assistance). I guess I don't see it as a training place I see it more as a train wreck that's not giving me the employability skills I wanted to get from it). so I get to go there and barely survive the day without exploding at the people there which is not exactly a good way to live.edit: and between that and having no good jobs without degrees and until I break over 21000 a year in pretax earnings not getting off the system making experienced minimum wage be 2.48 an hour before drycleaning cost etc. that they can legally take from your pay.

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