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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Warning: may be offline some during the next few days.

Our ISP sent us an automated warning that we had triggered too much data traffic to a specific target over a period of time. In other words, we looked like we were part of a ddos attack. When this happened three times, we were knocked offline for 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, madpoo is unavailable until Sunday to do a deep dive into our logs, run anti-virus scans, etc. So if it happens again, we may suffer more 45 minute outages.

I looked at the logs briefly, did a whois on the target, and learned little.
Come on now, George, surely you know that it's Putin . We recently double-checked the 45th Mersenne prime, Trump is the 45th US president, the pieces all fit together. Just wait until those cheeky Russians hack Prime95 and cause every LL residue to return 1917191719171917.
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