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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
@Aaron: Is there any reason there's no ORDER BY `exponent` when fetching from the database? Or if that adds appreciable overhead to the query for some reason then it should be easy to sort by exponent in PHP between fetching it from the database and displaying as HTML.
There's no reason we can't add that, and that was going to be my next idea, just to have an "order by exponent" in there.

Otherwise I think it's probably going to fetch them in their assigned order since that's probably the order they're added to the DB (makes sense), but even then who could be by their assignment ID in which case it'd be totally random.

If you want to add that, I'm cool with it. I'll add it to my mocked up page that has the expirations and stuff, just so I can try that out.

EDIT: Never mind, I went ahead and added it. I noticed on my mock page I'd already added an "order by" clause, so apparently I'd already noticed it at the time I was working on that, and then forgot about it.

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