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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
I don't necessarily "want" to take the job by myself. I am kinda busy with my C185 from fib(1049) since about two months, and want to finish it only because of pride :D (the one for which I did not know what I am getting into, and fivemack helped me by computing the poly, still sieving on rational side, about 40M relations already). I am not really ready to take a new "long term" challenge, that is why I asked about duration. I could help, however, with small tasks, like for few days or so. Some of my cores are busy with P95, but some do other jobs and are free from time to time, that is why I stepped into aliquots, because the tasks do not last long, and you can see immediate results. I am kinda keeping my old 996666 (132 digits) and the newer 585000 (114 digits) for now on.

Finding the poly was not different, just an "over the weekend plus a day or two more", when the computer at job stays anyhow idle.

But taking another "one month job" by myself would be too much. As I said, I could help. But I won't promise anything.
OK, I threw it open as a team job, and if no one else offers (henryzz?) I can do the post-processing on this. If it takes long enough, I can probably run a 6-core job on my new's only just now starting to stay cool enough upstairs during the day to contemplate running more than 3 cores.
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