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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Got a poly after about a week. Is it (relatively) good? How good? How long the sieving will take on two cores of a core2 3Gigs? (about) Can that be taken as a "one man job?" Maybe I will give it a try....

[ snip poly ]
Thanks for the poly search LaurV; I was going to ask jrk to do a search when I got done with my current factorization.
Originally Posted by jrk View Post
Yes that is a good poly. My expected murphy score for a number of this size is about 2.71e-12 and your poly is 2.81e-12, so that is good. You should use ggnfs siever 14e and sieve on the -a side starting from specialq 15M until you have gathered 56M raw relations. Sieving will take about 3 to 4 weeks on your two cores, and the matrix about 2 days using msieve.
Thanks for the quality check, jrk.

@LaurV: Do you want to tackle the whole thing on your own? If yes, there's another community-sized project that I would like to look into. (660 is currently at i890 c181 = 2^3 * 3^2 * 5 * c178. No chance of escape on this line, but since it is the biggest sequence, it would definitely be a huge deal to see if the 3^2 holds for the next line.....)

If you tackle 283752, I'll email Paul Zimmerman to see if he's got anything going on with 660....
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