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Originally Posted by JohnFullspeed View Post
I don't have a PC so i can't do it:
How many time to a search with
1- 20 iterartioons
Depends on how big the number is. At the start of a sequence, too quick to measure. Higher up, could be months. I spent 6 weeks factoring a c157 for one of my sequence, so we could count that as 6 weeks for one iteration!
2- a value with 100 gigits
Depending on how the number factors, it could be up to 4-5 hours, if the number splits 50-50.
3- how many time to compute 400. 966
Do you mean 966 to 400 iterations? Using this system (2.6 GHz, Vista 64-bit, moderate load) it took about 35 minutes to get to iteration 385. I'll edit this later when it hits 100....
You're welcome!

[PS. Sorry, I had to put this one back on its primary task. The last 20 lines were going to take a while. Figure at least 1-2 hours at a minimum, getting longer as it approaches 400. So maybe ~12 hours to get the whole way.]

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