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(I hope you don't mind, I moved these posts to their own thread....)
Originally Posted by JohnFullspeed View Post
When the search is long:
searching to divisor or when the number of divisors(Nb ddigits)?
Do you mean how do you know when you're done?

There's a trick involved in searching when the numbers are large. Look up how the "sigma" \sigma(n) function is calculated. (Hint: if you know the prime divisors of a number, the sum of the divisors is extremely easy to calculate....)
Tanks a Lot for your specification Perhaps you van add them
in yout ' Get Sarted'. I thinnk that other strangers make the same mistake pime factor = divisor.
That's why I moved these over to a new thread. Sometimes it can be the case that we're so at ease with what we do we don't know exactly what questions a newcomer might have.
Have you some chrono(the applet) Tosee the road it leaves to me..;
Ummm...not sure about this one--do you mean timings on factorizations? That depends on your PC. Or do you mean where is the applet? Sorry, didn't give the link before if that's the case:
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