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Question Running multiple copies of mprime on Linux


I'm most active in Seventeen or Bust, but as I have as I have a problem with a test version of mprime (some new code for P-1 factoring) George suggested that I posted here.

I use a bunch of different machines (home directory shared via NFS) to run a mixture of prp clients, sieve clients and P-1 clients. To make that a bit easier I have written some scripts to start any client on any machine. Basically I have a script called `on` that two arguments a hostname and a job name, it then logs in on the given host, changes to the directory given be the job name, and starts another script called ``. Apart from some commands that just help me find out what jobs run on what computer, the scripts I created for mprime looks like this:
#! /bin/sh
cd ~/17orbust/p-1_1
./mprime -A1 &
#! /bin/sh
cd ~/17orbust/p-1_2
./mprime -A2 &
When I try to run these two scripts on the same machine (called shannon), the following happens:
grove@galois > ./on shannon p-1_1
grove@galois > ./on shannon p-1_2
grove@galois > Another mprime is already running!
What am I doing wrong
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