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Thanks, Sergei, actually i made a mistake caused by frustration. This is a 191 digit number actually, so it would take even longer than that. But it is a factor of M61^16+1 which is 294 digits. (a few factors of 103 digits in total already have been taken off by ECM). Because this was much more than the remaining composite number I thought the SNFS form of it would be useless. But thanks for pointing out that the SNFS equivalent difficulty is about the same.

Could you confirm for me that I should go for SNFS which comes from the 294 digit parent vs GNFS with 191 digits. Does it matter that 294 > 280 ?

If I get totally frustrated at some point I may ask people to help sieving, but for now I will put effort to make sure I undertsand what I'm doing, and also try obtain some cpu's.

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