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"LL Test with no factoring" means that the server will try, if it can, to give you a test that's already had all of its prefactoring (TF and P-1) done in advance. Ideally, this would be the case for all tests assigned as LL, in which case the regular LL worktype would behave identically. However, in practice, because there's not enough people helping with P-1, most first-pass LL assignments still have P-1 and the last few bits of TF left to be done. Regular LL assignments will first finish these, and then start the actual LL if no factor is found. "LL Test with no factoring", however, will skip straight to the LL test regardless of whether there is more TF or P-1 to be done. This is rather inefficient (since if a factor could have been found by TF or P-1, a weeks-long LL test would be saved), but it is nonetheless made available to give the option to folks who, for whatever reason, don't want to do any prefactoring whatsoever even if it potentially means wasting their time on an unneeded LL test.
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