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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
How about we officially start counting results from 12 A.M. GMT on Friday?

As for manual results: maybe we could just count anything that posted as complete between 12 A.M. GMT Friday (12/12) and the end of the month? We're close enough to Friday that I doubt anyone (except maybe Lennart, who isn't on either of the dueling teams anyway) would be able to stockpile enough k/n pairs crunched today in order to make any noticeable difference in the final outcome.

OK, sounds good. I want to clarify something here. I've always found that when someone states that something should start at 12 AM or midnight on a certain day, that it can be a little ambiguous. To make sure I understand you right, I'm assuming that you mean 1 minute before 12:01 AM GMT on Friday morning, i.e. 7 PM EST or 6 PM CST on Thursday night. Correct?

One more thing, who should tabulate the results?

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