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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Oops. Carlos poked us too hard and we woke up. lol

The challenge is on. It's ROLP vs. Free-DC to see who can do the most results by the end of this month. All ports count including the ports that we'll have for the n>600K drives.

Three questions:
1. When will be the official starting date and time?
2. How will we tabulate the results?
3. Should we allow manual results? If so, how will we know when those pairs were processed?

How about we officially start counting results from 12 A.M. GMT on Friday?

As for manual results: maybe we could just count anything that posted as complete between 12 A.M. GMT Friday (12/12) and the end of the month? We're close enough to Friday that I doubt anyone (except maybe Lennart, who isn't on either of the dueling teams anyway) would be able to stockpile enough k/n pairs crunched today in order to make any noticeable difference in the final outcome.
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