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There is a package for this program, developed by me here. The program does not require any dependencies (outside of the standard ones in the base-devel group, which is needed to build stuff in the AUR).

The PKGBUILD for this program follows the same procedure recommended by Ernst to build the package from source. First, it checks /proc/cpuinfo to see what instructions the program supports (SSE2, AVX, AVX2, AVX512, and SIMD for ARM chips), and then compiles the code. Next, it checks if there are any errors by grepping build.log for error. If no such instances exist then it proceeds with linking and package the resulting executable up.

To get the program to compile properly, a patch is needed: sysctl-missing.patch, which is needed since sysctl.h is not included in version 5.5+ of the Linux Kernel.
In version 19 of the program, an additional patch was needed. This was to get rid of a reference to the fp pointer in the file Mlucas.c. Leaving it in there would cause the linker to complain. This has since been corrected in version 19.1, and therefore this patch is no longer needed.

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