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Found a small bug.

help isprime

>> help isprime

searching for help on 'isprime'
usage: isprime(expression)

uses trial division followed by the rabin-miller probabalistic primalty
test to determine probable-primalty. The number of witnesses in the rabin-mille
r test
is configurable using the NUM_WITNESSES parameter. The default is 20.

Should it perhaps read "probabilistic" instead?

Definitely you spell it "probability".

Also better say "primality" and not "primalty".

Two different words here.

The reason for the assertion failure mentioned in the previous post is that some small numbers which are composite and being factors of large numbers are crashing the factorization of the whole number.

Better use ecm(ans), or sometimes ecm(ans,30) before attempting the factor command, which may be taking quite a while.

Also the ecm(ans) command may now take quite a while as well when trying to factorize a large number having no small factors in it, which is a nice feature.

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