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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Now that we have a clearer picture of all the added tables, is there something in particular that you would prefer I work on?

If not, I'll go ahead and dabble in the base 79 table for a bit - no reservations necessary, for now.

Thank you for all the work keeping the tables straight!

This time, I had about 3 - 4 hours of work to do the update !

It is likely that at the next update, I won't touch any more the bases where nobody reserved sequences. I will update these bases only once every 2 or 3 months.

I think that the best thing for the moment is indeed to continue the calculations of the different bases that we have started. We will see how much new data we will have in a few weeks, months, or even a year.
It all depends on how many volunteers are going to do the calculations.

But everyone should be well aware that we may not find what we were looking for at the beginning. This project was born in the following way. When with friends we were looking at the infinite graph of the aliquot sequences (see the graph here), we wondered if among the sequences starting with integer powers of a prime number, there would be more that would end with the same prime number. For example, would sequences starting with 7^i (i=1, 2, 3...) end more often with the prime number 7 ?
Today, we cannot answer this question.
But we have found something else that we were not looking for at all at the beginning : the 133 conjectures of post #447. One never knows to which ideas the chance of reflections can lead us ?
Maybe all the calculations we make will allow us to answer the original question. Maybe not ! Or maybe we'll again find something else that we didn't expect to find.
But to find things, we have to look at the data and ask ourselves all sorts of questions. Anyone can do that... You have to be as creative as possible.

But right now, I'm still waiting for an Open-End sequence in base 2, 18 or another base with an exponent that has the same parity as the base.
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