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Thank you LaurV !

Thank you gd_barnes !
I will update and add base 17 very soon.
That will give you time to continue the calculations.
I have a suggestion for you : would you like to reserve base 17 completely and do the calculations up to 120 - 122 digits ?
You've already started bases 14 and 15. And the calculations are not finished yet.
Indeed, many bases have already been started and we are not many people to do the calculations up to 120 - 122 digits.
And what takes a lot of calculation time, sometimes months, is to go from 110 digits to 120 digits.
We all have a lot of fun starting a new base and carrying out the calculations of aliquot sequences that end trivially.
On the other hand, the part of the work that consists in carrying out all the calculations of the Open-End sequences up to more than 120 digits is more thankless.

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