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Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
Good to know that -pbatch helps, but this doesn't really fix the problem. The problem is that msieve should be able to search leading coefficients up to the 10's of thousands in 150 seconds with 8 threads on a C99. From the sound of it you are searching a range 50x less than that. So we can make it stay around the deadline with this method but you may be finding subpar polys.

Can you post the same output you did before with pbatch=5?
This is with the prebuild windows executables correct? Was it actually YAFU 1.34.5 or 1.34?
Can you post a test number? I'll see if I can reproduce this here.
yafu "nfs(741244879109376246366513985428555418845913568310626508732412421094649581664407020182598936240636611)" -v -pbatch 5
nfs: commencing nfs on c99: 741244879109376246366513985428555418845913568310626508732412421094649581664407020182598936240636611
nfs: commencing poly selection with 8 threads
nfs: setting deadline of 148 seconds
nfs: completed 67 ranges of size 5 in 200.9028 seconds
nfs: best poly = # norm 1.646415e-013 alpha -4.744248 e 1.356e-008 rroots 4
I haven't managed to get Yafu to print a version number, but the name of the file is as posted at I am using the executable yafu-x64.exe.
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